"natural state of man" .... can not be humane !

because there is always one .... xx or yx to further their personal interests
there by harming the world !

naturally very sweet and seemingly decent!

a xx instinct > the searches>
is to bind child and man >

so they enslave more or less>
not only that > they must pursue their addiction to this>
otherwise the rule of darwinian selection will cause her end

darwinic selection

as any enslavement of children and man does >
more power ....

more of this to please ... their satanic symbioses ......
so the opposite part of the rule of law !

and because of the competitive
in a human despising common society >
the senseless work creation > animal love !!!

animal children !

compelling and consistent design to leave no future!
and without future design > there can be no future
as soon as the technology of a planet> can bring his very end !

in this mass insanity ...... there can not be a right order
as the need for a society >

to being mandatory giving life to an intelligent set up !

no decadent ... drug addicted ...... mass > no reality refusal

and all these mainstream religions >
are simply not in a position to deal with today's problems .........

they were right .... for  hundreds or thousands of years >
but not today .....

galactic religion

galactic central